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Fault Detection Analysis App

Pushbutton Analysis and Verification of Hardware Safety Mechanisms

OneSpin’s Fault Detection Analysis (FDA) App automatically identifies faults that propagate to critical hardware signals (observation points) without being detected by any safety mechanism alarm (diagnostic points). These nondetected (residual) faults can be analyzed using an advanced debug environment that simultaneously visualizes both original and faulty design behaviors, clearly showing how faults propagate to specific signals at certain cycles. Residual faults may reveal the need to modify safety mechanisms or provide additional ones.

FDA formal analysis exhaustively examines all input stimuli to complex designs with multiple safety mechanisms, with no need to develop complex formal environments or assertions. Engineers with no formal expertise can verify diagnostic coverage (DC) estimates at the push of a button. Faults that are rigorously proven always to raise an alarm when they propagate to observation points are classified as detected and demonstrate the efficiency of safety mechanisms.

The FDA App is optimized to analyze large number of faults thus enabling ISO 26262-compliant diagnostic coverage measurement for both single-point and multi-point fault scenarios. Fault lists should be pruned upfront of safe faults through the use of OneSpin’s Fault Propagation Analysis (FPA) App.

OneSpin’s FDA App automatically detects errors and shortcomings of hardware safety mechanisms. It classifies faults into safe, non-detected and detected, and verifies diagnostic coverage estimates. The FDA App does not require fault simulation, test benches, or formal expertise.

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