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Fault Analysis Apps

OneSpin FMEDA Automation Safety Apps

OneSpin automates the FMEDA steps through a series of safety apps integrated in a comprehensive, interoperable flow that leverages structural analysis, formal proofs, and expert knowledge. The apps can be applied at chip level, and support both RTL and gate-level design models. Crucially, the OneSpin FMEDA flow does not require a test bench, reduce or eliminates slow and effort-intensive fault simulation, and quickly detects shortcomings in the safety architecture.

Fault Contribution Analysis (FCA) App

The FCA App performs an automatic, safety-aware partitioning of complex SoCs. Faults are allocated to hardware parts and sub-parts taking into account safety mechanisms. This reduces engineering effort, enables quick estimates of diagnostic coverage, and validates the safety architecture, while also minimizing the need for fault simulation. Request more info.

Fault Propagation and Detection Analysis (FPA/FDA) Apps 

The FPA and FDA Apps perform a rigorous, accurate faults analysis. Without the need for a test bench or fault simulation, these apps can identify safe faults (Safe Fault Fraction), and measure diagnostic coverage. Moreover, they may also identify unprotected logic. Download datasheet.

Hardware Metric Computation (HMC) App 

The HMC App integrates with other OneSpin apps to enable both early estimation and accurate computation of hardware safety metrics (SPFM, LFM, PMHF). Multiple users can work in parallel without the complexity of handling multiple spreadsheets. Moreover, ISO 26262 work products can be generated by non-experts using a repeatable and robust flow. Request more info.

Fault Injection Automation (FIA) App

The FIA App enables smart, efficient functional verification of safety mechanisms. The App automates the definition and injection of arbitrarily complex fault scenarios (including multiple permanent and transient faults) into RTL or netlist designs. Download datasheet.

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