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Connectivity XL App

Connectivity Specification and Verification for Large Chips, 1M+ Connections

OneSpin’s Connectivity XL App is the industry’s first and only solution for the efficient specification and formal verification of huge numbers of deep connections in multi-billion-gate chips. Modern, 7nm ASIC and FPGA SoCs include hundreds of thousands of IP and module instances, and complex pin multiplexing logic. Connection paths may involve thousands of signals. Engineers often need to specify and verify in excess of one million connections. Moreover, maintaining a connectivity specification through design revisions and derivative projects require excessive effort. Overall, this is a time-consuming, error-prone task not adequately supported by simulation-based techniques or traditional formal connectivity checking apps.

Simulation-based connectivity verification is hard to set up, slow, and likely to miss bugs. Moreover, failures often require the examination of very long traces. Traditional formal connectivity checking apps, on the other hand, do not scale to these large problems. Proofs are slow and often deliver inconclusive results. The user has little support for the creation and maintenance of the connectivity specification.

OneSpin’s Connectivity XL App addresses both the specification and verification challenges. The user can create and maintain an abstract, compact connectivity specification leveraging IP and module integration rules, naming conventions, wildcards, and global multiplexing conditions. The app automatically generates the detailed connectivity specification table. Crucially, delays, inversions of polarity, and full paths for source, destination, and multiplexing signals are automatically generated. This results in a dramatic reduction in engineering effort. In addition, proofs are clustered and optimized through learning strategies and automated abstractions that deliver conclusive results within acceptable runtime. Finally, failures can be debugged easily as the app reports localized path information that pinpoints the connection break point.

OneSpin’s Connectivity XL App delivers dramatic engineering and computational effort savings through an innovative user interface and connectivity proof and debug algorithms.

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